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Social Agenda

**Thursday 25th** (Pre-DrupalCamp 2010 Activity)

**DRUPALADA** at the *Michael Collins Pub* (
  • Time: about 19:30 h. ....
  • Subject: The 2010 DrupalCamp ... among other things ...
  • Drinks budget: Discretionary!... ;-)
*Supper: Pre-DrupalCamp Spain 2010* (After the beers, dinner voluntary assistance)
  • Place: Vietnamese restaurant near the Michael Collins
  • Time: about 21:30 h. ....
  • Estimated cost: between 15 and 20 euro per person. (Lots of food...)

**Friday 26th**

Attention : No official organisation!

Time : 20:30
Where : La viña del señor, in front of the main gate of the precious gotic church of Santa Maria del Mar (The Church del Mar for those who read the book).
What : Depends on the wine (and the quantity!)

With discrete number of people there are enough restaurant who offer reasonable food for a reasonable price.

A drink after?
Where: Miramelindo. Paseo del Born, 15. Beers, soda's, others...
Hour: from 22:30 h. ....
What: Beers, soda's, others...!

**Saturday 27th**

*Official Supper* of DrupalCamp Spain 2010*
  • Venue: Centre of Barcelona (to be confirmed) ....
  • Time: 21:30 h. (Sharp!).
  • Cost: 39 euro x person. (Non Drupal friends and associates are welcome !!!)
  • **Registration is imperative**:
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